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Sarah Garcia-Sarria was born in Cali, Colombia where she grew up surrounded by art. She started playing guitar when she was 11 years old and since then she was fascinated by music and sound. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Studies with a major in Audio Engineering from the Pontifical Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia. As part of the university’s choir, she participated in several contests and important performances including singing backup with the Rolling Stones.
During the program, she interned with one of the most important Sound Engineers in the country, Mauricio Cano.

After she graduated she decided to travel out of the country to continue her studies in audio engineering and she completed the Sound Design and Post Production program at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada.

Sarah was recently hired at BoomBox Sound studio as a Sound Engineer and Sound Designer where she can collaborate with directors and producers to enhance the audio quality and storytelling within their productions.

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